Northridge Road

This farmhouse cottage is on the Sunbeam Family Farm in Alexandria, Ohio is a 10-acre operation that’s a model of sustainable vegetable production and responsible land stewardship, supplying farmer’s markets and restaurants in central Ohio with organically-grown vegetables.

farmhouse kitchen


As the farm operation got underway, we worked with the owners to create a small, low-maintenance farmhouse that fit the site and captured the expansive views of the surrounding fields.

farmhouse family room

The compact, efficient 1,875 square foot floor plan is simple – the family room, kitchen, and casual dining area are essentially one large room. There’s a master bedroom on the first floor, and two smaller bedrooms in the half-story above.

farmhouse family room

Windows on three sides show the entire farm, and bring in abundant natural light. The orientation of the house allows with winter sun deep into the house while keeping the high summer sun out.

farmhouse bookcase stair

The stairwell wasn’t designed just for the drama. The remotely-operable skylight above lights the stairwell, but more importantly, serves as an outlet for warm air – creating a passive cooling effect that minimizes the need for air conditioning.

farmhouse family room

farmhouse master bedroom

farmhouse porch

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