Client Testimonials and Reviews

My firm’s reputation for great design and excellent service spreads through the kind words of satisfied clients like these. I’m honored by the comments they’ve written below, and by the many additional client testimonials and reviews I’ve received on

“Rich Taylor has every talent you want in an architect. He is smart, super creative, detail-oriented and has great taste. But he is also very patient, friendly, honest, and will care as much about your project as you do.

We interviewed several architects for a remodeling project. We liked all of them, but Rich Taylor’s ideas were so much more creative and interesting than all of the others. We ended up not remodeling but demolishing the house and building a new house on the site. We could not have worked with anyone else but Rich Taylor.

We made a detailed list of everything we wanted in our dream house, and Rich was able to include each and every item – plus some more features we couldn’t even envision. He worked closely and professionally with our builder, interior designer, and landscape designer – while keeping our desires and wishes the focus of of every meeting.

A well-known builder looked at our plans created by Rich and he was very impressed. He remarked that architects don’t do such detailed plans with equally detailed specifications any more. But Rich told us that detailed plans are essential and leave no room for construction error. Rich also monitored the construction process onsite, and made sure the subcontractors adhered to the plans and high standards that he set.

We highly recommend Rich Taylor to everyone we know and will continue to work with him on any future projects!”

Sam and Susan Smiley – Dublin, Ohio

“We purchased 5 acres of land on which we planned to build our dream home. Richard was kind enough to consult with us before we purchased the property to make sure the site was suitable.

One year before we were going to break ground, Richard prepared preliminary plans which reflected most, if not all, of our ideas. After some deletions and modifications, we decided on a Arts & Crafts (Craftsman) theme.

Richard worked with us on a regular basis, as often as we liked, to fine tune the design which was developed from a blank piece of paper. He was extremely easy to work with and genuinely listened to ALL of our concerns and answered ALL of our questions. He worked with us to select the builder and monitored the construction.

We LOVE our house and we LOVED our experience with Richard. We also LOVED our experience with our builder who worked very closely with Richard and us. We highly recommend Richard for any/all projects regardless of scope/cost.”

Ron and Lauri Roman – Dublin, Ohio

“Rich Taylor designed our “forever” home and we could not have been happier with the process and the result. He deftly guided us through the design process, helping us identify our real needs, prioritize our wants, and achieve a home that suits our family perfectly. Rich enabled us to achieve our goals in a timely manner while staying within our budget.

It was of utmost importance to us that the exterior of our home be a near-replica of a home in Colonial Williamsburg. Rich helped us to accomplish this desire, fusing our sense of style with his extensive knowledge and vision to create our dream home. He offered creative solutions to design dilemmas without imposing his own style on the outcome.

Our previous home was half the size of the home Rich designed, yet it had unused space because it didn’t fit the way we really live. Because of Rich’s insight we actually live in and use every square foot of our new home.

Rich offered a palette of valuable services which allowed us to customize the design process and use only those we needed. Rich took a personal interest in us and our home, and was truly a pleasure to work with.”

Dan & Kathy Kramer – Dublin, Ohio

“We love our house…thanks for all the time and talent you put into designing a home which perfectly fits our family.”

K.G. – Dublin, Ohio

“I just wanted to let you know I am in contract to sell the house on Forrest Green Blvd. It was on the market one day. It went on the MLS at about 2:30 on April 29th. I got a showing request at 3:15, they came at 5:30, and then made an offer the next morning. I countered a little higher and they accepted. I have to be out of the house by June 9th.

I thought you’d like to know that a Richard Taylor house doesn’t sit around on the market for months. Have a great day.”

Alan Stephens – Baltimore, Ohio

“I am delighted with your services and the design that has developed. It is a perfect dream house. You have done an excellent job of incorporating the best features…Many thanks for all your help with the tremendous design.”

Granville, Ohio

“Just thinking about our meeting yesterday. I very much appreciated your perceptiveness and creativity. You are a great listener. I look forward to our next rendition. Thanks for everything. As you know this is still your place and we love it dearly. What a wonderful set of spaces and the functionality of it is just awesome.

It truly has worked out better than we would have imagined when we started this process. We like the house, lots of personal touch. We will think of you often and remember the creativity of the process. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.”

R.S. & K.S. – Powell, Ohio

“(We) are very excited about the house. The first floor is up now and it is feeling just perfect for us. Please thank everyone there for their help in putting our house plans together.”

D.J. – Dublin, Ohio

“We love the house you designed for us and we are sure to be happy here for many years.”

T.V. – Powell, Ohio

“Our excellent experience working with Richard Taylor Architects in the design of our dream home was greatly based on his ability to listen and relate to both our living needs and our design ideas.

We had special needs involving a handicapped son as well as trying to accommodate our recently blended family. Many meetings took place with Richard as he took the time to truly understand the somewhat unique needs of our situation. Ultimately, in this regard he simply did a wonderful job.

We also want to state that the lot we chose was unique in that the house had to be positioned in a special manner so as to enhance curb appeal while addressing the challenge of significant terrain change within the property. Again Richard Taylor hit a home run on our behalf. The significance of his special talent in this regard provided Lynn and I with far better than average appreciation of the property when we downsized some nine years later.

We sold the home by ourselves with no Realtor involved and we heard from many that the unique design and curb appeal attracted them to contact us. We had no problem selling our fine home. That again reflects back to Richard’s special talents as a architect. Lynn and I offer our most solid endorsement of Richard Taylor’s firm and wish him well as he continues to build a solid career.”

Jeff & Lynn Britt – Dublin, Ohio

“My husband and I decided to bite the bullet and embark on a renovation of the first floor of our house when I was entering my second trimester of pregnancy. We initially thought that, due to our budget, we’d just want to revamp our kitchen and leave the rest of the area untouched.

We contacted a few highly rated construction companies we saw on Angie’s List, and we also contacted Richard Taylor Architects. The project proposal that Rich submitted to us blew out of the water the other proposal we received. For the same proposed budget that we’d set for a kitchen remodel, Rich came up with multiple ways to make our living space more open, more logical, and more effective (storage we hadn’t imagined!); we hadn’t even conceived of such a major project on our budget, so we were impressed with Rich right away.

Knowing that we were on a tight timeline, Rich was fantastic about working with us on our plans efficiently but conscientiously, meeting with us at times that were convenient for us, and staying in close contact throughout the planning process.

We paid for his middle level of service, so when it came time for the construction phase, he was instrumental in guiding us through the development of a project manual of expectations, suggesting contractors to interview, reviewing those contractors’ bids, helping us select our contractor (this was critical – the contractor we selected was awesome, and we would not have found him without Rich), checking in with and advising us during construction, and staying in contact with our contractor to troubleshoot the unexpected.

Whenever we had a question, we knew that Rich was just an email or a phone call away, and his expertise was priceless during what could have been an incredibly stressful process, but what turned out to be a very well-managed, satisfying project. Our construction concluded last week, about a week before my due date.

Our friends and family cannot believe how smooth our construction was and how stunning the renovation is, and for this, we give Rich a huge amount of credit. We could not be happier with our experience with him, and we cannot imagine having selected another professional to lead this project.”

G.T. – Dublin, Ohio

“Rich – Well the house was very well received by prospective buyers and by real estate agents. One said it was the finest home in the price range he had ever shown! Not that our work needed validation, but it was nice to hear.

Everyone was impressed with the design work and how you turned an old ranch layout into a modern and functional space–without the pretense of vaulted ceilings or wasted space. The house was such a hit that it went into contract in just 4 days. We had multiple offers and probably could have commanded a higher price if the neighborhood was nicer. All in all it was a unique property thanks to all of your thoughtful work and our many hours of sweat and blood.

While we are sad to leave the house that we really built to be out last, we are excited for new opportunities in Texas.”

PM & CM – Upper Arlington, Ohio

“Richard helped us create our dream home. He worked patiently and diligently, explored numerous options in which we showed interest, and even went right back to the drawing board when we changed our minds (frequently). He answered all of our questions in detail and I believe he spent more time on our project than the hours we were billed.

His passion for residential architecture and excellent service left us deeply satisfied. I would recommend him without reservation.”

Alan Stephens – Baltimore, Ohio