Aryshire Court

Muirfield Village, home to Jack Nicklaus’ Memorial Tournament since 1976, remains one the of the premier American golf communities 35 years after it’s founding. But many Muirfield homes have also hit the 35-year mark and are in need of updating. A common update is adding a 3rd garage bay as we did with this Tudor garage addition.

tudor home garage addition


That’s what this project was all about. But as you can see from the “before” photo above, the original garage doors were on the right side. That didn’t leave room to add the the third bay in line with the other two, and still have enough space for cars to maneuver.

tudor home garage addition

tudor home garage addition

Our solution was to move the doors to the existing garage to the front, and add the new third garage bay next to it on the right. The new metal-roofed canopy over the garage doors gives depth and character to the existing garage.

tudor home addition

The design of the new one-car garage addition is intentionally understated, and detailed to match the style of the main house.


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