Horseshoe Road

Craftsman-styled homes are most commonly found on small lots in inner-ring suburbs, but we think the style is a perfect choice for this custom Craftsman home on a large rural property.

craftsman custom home

craftsman custom home outdoor living patio

The owners, with their cats and large dog, needed a bit larger home than the ranch they’d been living in. But “larger” is always a relative term – this home manages to live a lot larger in less than 2,800 square feet.

craftsman custom home kitchen

craftsman custom home family room

At the center of the design is one living area – combining family room, dining room, and kitchen – that saves space, but more importantly, opens views to all sides of the house.

craftsman custom home dining room

The main living area doesn’t feel like one big room, however. We used a number of design features to “separate” the spaces – things like columns (several of which hide pipes and ducts) and dropped beams.

craftsman custom home hallway

A built-in cabinet does triple duty – for storage and display of course, but it also helps define the dining area, and it visually separates the entry hall from the main living spaces.

craftsman custom home stairway

We had lots of fun with the stair in this house, too. While the location of the stair is highly functional, the stair itself is something of a sculpture piece, winding down from the second floor to a mid-floor landing, and finally spilling out into onto the first floor.

craftsman custom home office

craftsman custom home office

And tucked behind a sliding barn door is a tiny home office that can be hidden from view in moments.

craftsman custom home bedroom

craftsman custom home master bath

custom Craftsman Home

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