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5 Ideas for Built-ins for Your Home Office

A big home office used to be a fairly common room in the homes I’ve designed, back when “working from home” required a separate, private room. It had doors to close it off from the rest of the house and lots of home office built ins.

That’s not the norm these days – with laptops, tablets, and home networking in most houses, Mom and Dad can get work done from almost any room.

But the home office hasn’t disappeared completely…it’s just taking up a lot less space.  Sometimes it’s a much smaller room, and sometimes it’s a wall of custom built-in cabinets and shelves, like the ones in these RTA projects:

Tucked in a corner of the family dining area, and just off the kitchen, this desk/home management area helps keep this family’s daily activities organized.

This tiny but utterly functional home office space doesn’t need a door – it’s just off the hallway that connects the garage and back door to the kitchen.

Here’s one of my favorites – Kathy’s home office space is tucked neatly behind a pair of folding doors. When the office is closed, it’s really “closed”!

Jeanne’s office is a separate room, but it’s just the right size.  With her desk centered on the window, and a wall of custom built-ins behind her, There’s just enough room to get work done.

Another example of a home office that’s very small, but just the right size for a built-in desk, a few cabinets, a laptop, and a great view.  And when privacy’s needed (or the mess needs hidden), they just slide the barn door closed.

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7 years ago

Love these little space ideas for general home management. A work space has to be inviting or you'll never get work done. Why not make it a cozy little nook?

4 years ago

I love the idea of adding some cute built in desk, or a cabinet perhaps. I like most the home office space that is tucked neatly behind a pair of folding doors.

Derek Dewitt
4 years ago

My wife and I want to convert a guest bedroom into an office soon, so thanks for sharing this. I like the last design that has all the cabinet and shelf space. This would make organizing much easier, so we’ll be sure to do something similar.