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Timeless, Thoughtful, and Well-Crafted Custom Home and Remodeling Design

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RTA Studio is a personal-service oriented, full-service architecture firm that specializes in the design of unique custom homes, remodeling, and addition projects from our studio in Historic Dublin, Ohio. And we really do mean "full-service." Great design and drawings are a part of what we do, but only a part - we'll also evaluate your home site, establish a realistic construction budget, help you find the best contractor and a whole lot more.

At RTA Studio we create residential architecture for clients who value well-crafted, timeless and thoughtful design; who treasure a sense of place and the meaning of "home"; and who want the place where they live to be a lasting, positive contribution to their community and to the world.

Ready to talk? Call or email us to chat about the possibilities for your residential architecture project. Not quite ready? Check out our big archive of blog articles about almost every home design and construction question we can think of (and check back often, we're still writing!)